Our turnaround time for delivery typically ranges from 2 to 4 months, depending on the length of video edit and how many other projects are currently in the queue. We do not outsource our editing, nor do we use a repeatable template, which means considerable time and attention is paid to the unique production of each edit. We appreciate your patience with this creative process.

When will we receive the final products?

 Yes please! We have a lot of ideas, but if you have certain poses that you would like to try, or particular pieces of the day that are especially meaningful, let us know and we will do our best to capture it. The earlier you communicate your wish-list, the more likely we can bring it to reality.

Can we request specific shots?

Possibly! Dani loves to fly her drone (named Rosie) but only when it is safe and legal to do so. The closer the venue is in proximity to an airport, the trickier it is, but we can request FAA authorization 90 days prior to the event. As long as we have authorization and the wind is manageable, Rosie will fly for your wedding.

Can we add drone footage to our video?

We do not provide raw footage unless a client is a professional editor themselves. Raw footage comes as dozens of short video clips that need to be synced with audio files to watch with sound. These files are very large and need specific programs for processing. The times we have sent raw footage in the past, even those who work in the A/V industry come back with questions and difficulties. If you feel like you or someone you know has the capability of processing the files and editing them, we will happily provide the files for a fee to compensate for the terabyte hard drive. 

Can we get the raw video footage?

Ultimately, it’s up to you. We want you to be comfortable the day-of and happy with the finished product. If you prefer to rely primarily on candid shots, please be aware that your final product may not look as polished as some other examples you see.

Do we have to do a lot of poses?

We are happy to consider any genre preferences you may have. We subscribe to a service that provides original royalty-free music so anything we use is fresh and legally obtained. If there is a particular mainstream song you would like to purchase the royalties to, you are welcome to do so. Keep in mind however, that your wedding film will have narration that will put the song in the background of the audio track.

Can we choose the music for our video?

We focus on quality and not quantity since more does not always equal better. We prioritize getting the shots right the first time, giving you a gallery that you will be so excited to show off in your home! Of course, if we have more that came out well than initially promised, we will absolutely share them!

Why do you offer less photos than other companies?

That is highly dependent on what is planned for the day. If you have a simple ceremony and dinner planned, you may only need 4 hours to capture the most important moments. However, a longer, event-filled day may benefit from 8 or more hours. You have the option of adding hours until 7 days prior to the wedding. We will ensure you make the most of the time you book with us and schedule our time to capture as much as possible.

How many hours of coverage should we get?

We specialize in a classically romantic and vintage style that includes candid and crafted shots throughout the day. Our films most often focus on the couple’s relationship and the union that is formed that day between individuals and families. We aim for our photos to be artistic yet genuine and true-to-life. As always, we work closely with you to capture your unique vision and preferences.

What is your style?

Who will be actually working our wedding?

 Just the two of us, Boo.  All events are filmed / photographed by either Tyler or Dani except for times we need a third shooter. In that case we hand pick only the most awesome colleagues to join us.


We take no more than 25 projects per year to ensure that we are fresh and excited for every client. This is hard work and we want you to receive the best experience and our best quality, not burnt-out versions of ourselves. We have 4 spots remaining for 2024 so hit us up below to see if your date is still available.

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